G Shock North East Open toughen up with G-SHOCK

G Shock North East Open
Stop no. 5 of 8 on 2007 UK PST
Longsands Beach Tynemouth
20/21 October
The next leg of the UK Pro Surf Tour is set to hit the road for the weekend of the 20th to 21st October held at Longsand Beach, Tynemouth, This will be the fifth leg of eight UK Pro Surf Tour event locations. It is also the first leg of three separate events on the Relentless Triple Crown in association with Wavelength magazine, combined, this will be the largest scaled event seen on tour this year.

Supported by North Tyneside Council, G-Shock will be the official sponsor of Tynemouth’s North East Open, and will be giving pro-surfers the chance to swap their board for the bus at all of the surf events left this year. G-Shock’s graffiti covered tough bus will become one of the main focal points on sight on tour as it will visit every event location on the nationwide series.

Tim Gould, Head of Marketing, “Being tough yet stylish, G-Shock is the perfect partner for the UK Pro Surf Tour and the surfers who compete in it as every G-Shock can withstand extreme Water Pressure, making it ideal for active water sports users. G-Shock celebrates its 25th anniversary next year and there’s no better way reaffirming its credentials than through the surfing community.” Tim further states,’’this is a great way to celebrate G-Shock’s heritage, and be part of an exciting nationwide series of surfing events- We are especially happy to be bringing the G-Shock Tough Bus with us to support the tour.“
Surfing interests include local pro surfer Sam Lamiroy, from Newcastle and current North East Champion Johnny Fryer. Johnny further goes on to say, “I’m so excited to be back and the event re-running this year. When swell hits the waves are good, with many reefs as well as beach breaks to be surfed I am hoping to do well. With stiff competition again from Spencer Hargraves, Nathan Phillips, and Sam Lamiroy, who are all exceptionally good surfers on the tour, I have a good record of surfing well at this particular event and am hoping to make the Triple Crown a great success for my surfing future.”

Dave Reed, Director UK Pro Surf Tour further explains: “This is great news for The UK Pro Surf Tour and British Surfing. G-Shock has had a strong bond with professional surfing for many years, including sponsoring the ASP World Tour in the past. I believe the tour will be a great platform to promote the brand and in doing so help develop competitive surfing in the UK.”

G-Shock will also be giving people the chance to win great prizes in a series of games at the events.
On board again we have Relentless who will be providing us not only with endless supplies of energy drink but also with the £250 money manoeuvre prize. With all these sponsors including G-Shock, Skinners ale and Wavelength on board also with an international field of surfers, 2007 will be the most exciting surf tour to date.

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