Rip Curl Pro Search WCT in Chile, The hottest event on Tour!

Rip CurlRemember the La Jolla spot in Mexico? Rip Curl served up the most spectacular event for the 2006 season there! The 44 WCT surfers simply drooled over the most perfect right-hander ever. Rip Curl are at it again, this time in the Arica region of Chile.

Contrary to most of the events on the pro circuit, the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT hold what is officially called an ASP Floating License, which means that it can set up wherever they want, depending on where the best waves are.

This year, Rip Curl has chosen South America and the Chilean coast to host a stage of Foster’s ASP circuit for the first time. The 4th stage of the Dream Tour will take place between June 20th and July 1st, in the delightful Arica region towards to the north of the country.

Neil Ridgway, Rip Curl’s International Marketing Director, is waiting impatiently for this new edition of the Search to start.

”After last year’s success in Mexico, we’re just can’t wait for June to arrive. These spots represent the spirit of the Search perfectly, the philosophy of the Rip Curl brand – blending the world class performances of the world’s 44 best surfers and one exceptional surf trip. Two years ago, Rip Curl was in St Leu (Reunion Island). Last year, it was Mexico’s turn to show off its perfect waves. In 2007, what can Chile throw at us…”

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