Difficult weather conditions for the first day of the Oakley Pro Junior

The ASP tour caravan stopped at the Grande Plage, Lacanau for this third leg of the European Pro Junior Circuit. Like in the contest before, the surfers had to wait all day for the hoped-for swell which never arrived, forcing the organizers to cancel the contest. The 30 centimetre off-shore waves from the morning didn’t change much by the afternoon, only the wind changed from east to north/north-west, destroying the quality of the waves.

The organizers however remain confident, Cyril Camu (contest director) told us : “we have three more days to run the contest and the Plage Centrale is the beach which picks up the most swell up and down the coast. What’s more the forecasters are predicting  swell for Saturday evening…”

The call for tomorrow will be at dawn for all the competitors of this Oakley Pro Junior, and we are preparing for two contest sites if the conditions allow.

See you tomorrow at 7.00 am.

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