What’s a Waboba Ball?

WabobaIt is the latest thing to bounce onto our desk in the Coldswell office and apparently it’s this summer’s hottest beach craze. An innovation that is a ball that actually bounces on water!

If you’re looking for some entertainment during those long flat spells between your surf sessions this summer rather than just lounging around in the sun all day the Waboba Ball could be the answer!

You can skip it across the water like a flat stone or bounce it hard and it’ll go high, then catch it and throw it back! Faster than a Frisbee, there’re loads of games you can play with a Waboba Ball that all add to the fun of a day at the beach.

It is made of a squishy polyurethane with a lycra coating, its mix of different materials is the secret to the way it bounces and floats on water and It also comes with instructions on how to play the Waboba game.

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