Surfing video podcast shralp! launches new website

shralp! is always trying to give the best user experience and the most easiest access to its free and popular surfing video news shows. The new website http://shralp.com/ gives easy access to features like comments, search or archive. The simple and low-key design draws the attention towards the video. “We wanted to have it straight forward and clean. The website is just a tool to deliver the videos. It has to serve”, says Christian “mee-z” Miessner, who founded shralp! in October 2005.

The new website shralp.com uses the leading open source blog platform WordPress, and added some special functionalities: Users can choose between up to 6 different video formats or subscribe for free to various RSS feeds. “We had to make the development all by ourselves. Standard podcasting tools cannot handle the up to six different file formats that we deliver our videos in”, explains Miessner. shralp! offers this broad choice so users can watch the snowboarding and surfing news shows on almost every device that can play video: From iPods to Zunes, from Cell Phones to PSPs and of course on probably every PC and Mac.

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