Jeremy Flores in stunning form for his round 1 victory in Chile

The Rip Curl Pro Search WCT Chile got underway today in Arica. Under cloudy skies in glassy very consistent 5ft barrels, the best surfers of the world entered the cool water to get on with this third edition of the Search Foster’s ASP World Tour event. After two years of success, Chile offered the “Search” crew a pretty perfect start and some surprises went on straight away.

After his best result of the year in Tahiti last month, Jérémy Flores paddled out confidently, always positive about the experience he can get at each of his heats. Facing longtime top 45 competitor Mick Lowe (Aus) and newcomer Bernardo Miranda (Bra) in the last heat of the day, the youngest surfer on tour knew it would be tough. Big wave lover, Lowe had the conditions to express his style but couldn’t get in the rythm of Arica’s pipeline.

Losing no time, Flores opened his high score pair with a 7.33 but remained second behind Miranda, as he couldn’t find a back up solid ride. In the last three minutes of his heat, the Reunion Island born 19-year-old wonderkid took off on a lefthander, grabbed his rail and disappeared under a thick 5 ft lip, before finding his way out and secure the third highest total of the day with 16.96 pts, made of a 7.33 and 9.63.

The upset of the day was the loss of former 3-time ASP World Champion Andy Irons, when the surfer from Kauai couldn’t counter power surfer Pancho Sullivan feeling just at home on the wave known as well as the south american pipeline. Irons will have to resurf in round 2 before getting on with any hope of defending his Rip Curl Pro Search title.

Current world leader and definitely in route for a possible first World Championship this year, Mick Fanning (Aus) left no doubt on his intentions and just overtook both of his opponents with the best total of the day, precious 17.57 points out of possible 20. This result will increase his confidence and the rest of the men on tour could just witness the aussie take another step towards the crown very soon if he remains unstoppable.

Rip Curl Pro Search WCT – Arica, Chile
Stop #4 of the Foster’s ASP World Tour
Live coverage, results, photos and videos at www.aspworldtour.com

European result of the day!
Heat 12 (1st goes to Round 3 – 2nd and 3rd to Round 2)
1st Jérémy Flores (Fra) – 16.96 pts
2nd Bernardo Miranda (Bra) – 14.50 pts
3rd Mick Lowe (Aus) – 6.93 �

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