Crocs footwear

They seem simple enough — molded rubber slip-on clog-like shoes. So what’s so special? A lot … But, first, what are Crocs? They are a mix of clogs and comfort, made of a patented closed-cell resin that is said to be warmed by your feet so they soften and mold to their shape. The molded material is extremely lightweight, cushy, has a built-in arch support, has anti-slip soles and is anti-microbial. Plus, being one molded piece of material, you can get ’em dirty, then rinse ’em off. And, being a rubbery material, you can get ’em wet, then let ’em dry without any damage. You can take the back heel strap and leave it behind your heel or pivot it so it sits on the top of the shoe, transforming it into a true clog. With slip-resistant soles, these shoes were originally designed for boaters and fishermen to wear on slippery decks. But with holes around the bottom for plenty of ventilation allowing air, sand and water to pass through, it makes them perfect for the beach!

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