Bubbleloc rash vest

Lots of new surfing products pass through the office at coldswell.com and many of them are very nice but very occasionally something lands on our desk that really impresses. When we came across the new Bubbleloc thermal rash vest from Stik Up we thought that those board hanger people are now jumping on the band wagon and selling bits of surf wear. It wasn’t until we opened the package when we realised exactly why the innovators at Stik Up were sending us one of their rash vests. A rash vest that is definitely not like any other rash vest we’ve ever come across before. Stik Up’s latest innovation is a sturdy velcro sealed pocket on the back of the vest containing a thick rubber PakPak pouch attached by a leash which apparently has a water tight seal which has been tested to 50m depth to keep your car keys, immobiliser or favourite chocolate bar completely dry. The vest itself is made of thick, high quality lycra and is very comfortable to wear. To say we were impressed is an understatement. It is a truly revolutionary garment, why has nobody come up with this idea before?

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